Fedeltà dei colori RAL
Dura nel tempo negli anni
Senza ingiallire
Senza cambiare colore
Senza staccarsi dal materiale
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Thanks to the innovation and development of its colour-card system, HQS guarantees the accuracy of the RAL colours (delta +/- 0.2) and, thanks to the high quality standards demonstrated by the manufacturer, HQS can offer long-time resistance over the years: without yellowing, without changing colour and, above all, without detaching from the material.

The entire range of HQS products is CFC-free and has been developed respecting the environment with the use of pigments which are absolutely lead-free.

The difference
In order to improve spray precision and limit colour dispersion, the pressure of HQS sprays is different from others on the market, so that it is easier to use and the spray can be regulated by the user to obtain much better results.

Recommendations for use
Before using HQS products, ensure that the object to be painted is clean and that any rust has been removed. For some materials, such as plastic, we recommend application of a HQS adhesion primer to the object before spray painting.
We recommend cross application and, above all, spraying small quantities at a time. Work from a distance of about 20-25 cm. Never be in a hurry!

HQS dries to the touch in approximately 15/20 minutes (this depends on the material to which the paint is applied and on the temperature of the working area). However, for the material to be completely dry and ready, we recommend waiting at least 4-5 hours in order to obtain excellent and long-lasting results.

Materials to which HQS can be applied: Iron – Steel – PVC – Wood - Aluminium

m. 400 ml of HQS will cover approximately 2 sq. m.

HQS is distributed by COLORPACK
via Benvenuto Cellini, 24/26
29929 Solaro (MI)

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